We are innovative and entrepeneurs people who want to build a solid foundation for a great project that, will bring together 3 NFTs collections. This is great, since investors and holders of the first collection will benefit greatly from future ones. 

Why us? The DEVs are lifelong friends, with completely opposite professional categories, and this is what makes us special, totally different points of view. Each one will be in charge of sponsoring one of the three collections, although the development of the third will be joint.

  • 1⃣ CRIS (FOUNDER) Computer scientist and expert analyst in cybersecurity, and as a banner of his flag; Pengvin.NFT. It will be the first collection, which comprises 3333 NFTs and will be launched on the OpenSea platform, on the $SOL  network.
  • 2⃣ JOSED (RRSS) A healthcare professional and blockchain lover, will carry out the second project, and we are only going to reveal to you, there will be only and exclusively 365 NFTS. Realistic type design (NDB – Never Done Before) in relation to the health field 💉, and will be carried out on the $ETH network.
  • 3⃣ BUG (CHIEF-DEV) SOLANA blockchain developer expert 🐛. Friend and web3 project partner, passionate about first-level chain layers, NFT, cryptoinvesting and 3D printing.